YouGov Survey Review


Yougov is a paid polling site with more than 7 million members worldwide. On Yougov surveys are paid in the form of points, which can be accumulated and then exchanged for money or kadeo tickets. The payment threshold is from 25 dollars (3,000 points), but you can also request a payment of 50 dollars if you reach 5,000 points. Finally, this site offers a sponsorship system, allowing you to earn 200 points for each validated godchild.

i-Say, this name might make you think of iPsos, the world leader in market research with more than 70 million surveys carried out each year. Thanks to i-Say you will be able to answer some of these surveys directly online. Each survey thus completed will allow you to earn and accumulate points that you will be able to exchange for gift cards or donations to associations. i-Say also organizes draws between its active members, the lucky winners have the chance to win some very nice gifts. Finally, i-Say may occasionally offer product tests to some of its members.

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