11 Best Sites for Real Paid Surveys and Polls in 2020

Paid surveys are a good solution to earn some money for free, and without any required knowledge. The aim is to fill in surveys on a variety of subjects: consumption habits, advertising, media, brand image, opinions on current events, etc. and to be rewarded for it.

On the majority of paid survey sites, each survey completed allows you to earn and accumulate points. You can then exchange your points for money, gifts or vouchers, depending on what the site concerned offers and/or the choice of the members.

Generally, registration on a paid survey site is 100% free, if it is not the case it is probably a scam. Registering on a paid survey site takes a little time, in fact you have to take the time to complete your profile to maximize the chances of receiving more surveys. Once registered, members will have access to surveys directly on the site and/or will have to wait to receive email invitations.

As far as remuneration is concerned, paid surveys are not to be confused with a job. In fact, it is simply a way to obtain additional income more or less easily, it is not possible to make a living from it. 

Our List of the Best Sites for Taking Online Paid Surveys

Here is the list of the best paid polling sites currently. Each of the online survey sites listed below is serious and reliable, and has had the opportunity to prove itself over time.

Feel free to sign up on many of the paid survey sites. Some sites offer paid surveys on a more regular basis, while others will offer paid surveys on a more regular basis, so that you will receive more invitations each week.


LoopsterPanel is a paid polling site that has existed since 2004. The site is very easy to use, you just need to answer a few questions to complete your profile. LoopsterPanel proposes new surveys quite regularly, which generally take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete, and the remuneration seems to vary between 0.5 and 2 dollars, maybe more in some cases. The payment threshold is from 10 dollars. Payment methods include Paypal transfers and Amazon gift vouchers.


Yougov is a paid polling site with more than 7 million members worldwide. On Yougov surveys are paid in the form of points, which can be accumulated and then exchanged for money or kadeo tickets. The payment threshold is from 25 dollars (3,000 points), but you can also request a payment of 50 dollars if you reach 5,000 points. Finally, this site offers a sponsorship system, allowing you to earn 200 points for each validated godchild.

i-Say, this name might make you think of iPsos, the world leader in market research with more than 70 million surveys carried out each year. Thanks to i-Say you will be able to answer some of these surveys directly online. Each survey thus completed will allow you to earn and accumulate points that you will be able to exchange for gift cards or donations to associations. i-Say also organizes draws between its active members, the lucky winners have the chance to win some very nice gifts. Finally, i-Say may occasionally offer product tests to some of its members.


Each new member who registers on Mingle will automatically participate in a welcome draw to win a nice gift. Mingle is a paid survey site accessible on computer and mobile phone. This site of paid surveys allows you to win money but also Amazon and other gift vouchers according to your choice, starting at 15 dollars. Mingle seems to propose very regularly new surveys to its members.


Swagbucks is a site that offers many services to earn or save money for free. Many paid surveys are available regularly on this site. These allow you to earn ‘SBs’ which is the currency of Swagbucks and can be exchanged for money via paypal or Amazon gift vouchers. Swagbucks also offers other paid services such as a search engine, videos to watch, sponsored offers, cashback and much more… The payment threshold is as low as 5 dollars.


LifePoints is one of the best paid polling sites and one of the best known, with a community of over 5 million members. Surveys completed on LifePoints earn points which can then be redeemed for rewards such as Amazon gift vouchers or money via Paypal and starting at just 5 dollars. LifePoints may also offer product testing to its members.


Nicequest allows you to win all kinds of free gifts (gift vouchers, household appliances, high-tech, and much more…). The goal is to accumulate a maximum of “shells”, which is the currency of exchange of this site and which you win when you successfully complete the paid surveys. This is a reliable paid survey site that could be described as “private” in a way, as registrations are generally limited in time and can only be made by invitation. Click on this link to see if registrations are currently open.


Toluna is a paid polling site with several million members. Thanks to Toluna it is possible to earn and accumulate points by filling out surveys. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them in the store for gifts, money via Paypal, or gift certificates valid in department stores. Toluna is also available on cell phones thanks to its application. Toluna is one of the best known sites in the field of paid surveys, this one has had time to prove its seriousness over the years, we can find many proofs of online payments.


Myiyo is a paid polling site available in several countries and several languages, as well as on mobile thanks to its applications. Surveys are offered on a regular basis, usually 4 to 10 surveys per month. However, it is important to be quick because Myiyo has a large number of members. The payment threshold is 20 dollars, rising to 10 dollars after the second payment. The site also offers a referral system, allowing you to earn 500 extra points (or 0.5dollar) per validated referral.


GreenPanthera is one of the best paid polling sites in the world today. Indeed, this site proposes many polls regularly. GreenPanthera also allows you to take advantage of cashback offers, which allow you to save money when buying online. The payment threshold is from $30 and GreenPanthera also offers a referral system allowing you to earn 10% commission.


SurveyPronto is a recently launched paid survey site. The surveys are paid in dollars and are relatively numerous and regular. SurveyPronto offers its members its own surveys, as well as paid “offerwall” surveys (sponsored offers). The payment threshold on SurveyPronto starts at $30 and the site also offers a referral system where you can earn 10% commission.

How to Make the Most Money with Online Survey Sites

Making money with online survey sites might seem easy enough, but it’s more about finding the best sites and trying to see which ones have the most surveys and pay out the most money.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to try and sign up to each site and then seeing which ones send you the most surveys. Once you find the ones that are best, you can then focus more on those platforms.

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