Is Survey Junkie Legit, and should I use it?

Survey Junkie is considered among the most common, easy and enjoyable ways to earn additional revenue online, easily and lawfully.

Win incentives for sharing your thoughts on a wide range of goods and services – as simple as that.

The dedicated awards program was launched in 2010 and effectively linked end consumers and the organization’s benefits.

End consumers conduct online polls and earn incentives (easy cash and gift cards), and corporations make business decisions using opinions from respondents. It’s a win. It’s a win-win.

Many more firms, including large businesses, want to take advantage of their target audiences online to perform vital, informative surveys promptly and efficiently.

Such companies pay various sums of money to the survey Junkie panel of trustworthy respondents in return for their useful personal views on their (latest) goods or services (depending on their particular marketing analysis needs, new goods and numbers of respondents, etc.).

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

It’s quick to get going with Survey Junkie. All you must do to begin is build a profile that only takes a couple of minutes and answers itself and home some queries.

After the last profile has been established, they will simply send you surveys. There will be two ways to do so.

You can sign up and view the polls, or you can click on a link to e-mail. 

How Much Can I Make?

That’s what everyone cares about; how much would you do when you join Survey Junkie? Will you abandon your workplace to sit at home to do all day surveys?

Survey Junkie didn’t help you a million, as you knew without question. They say mostly on-site, “You won’t get rich,” far more truthful than other survey pages.

This reward is different with each survey. The longer the survey is presumably, the more payment you receive for finishing it.

A standard survey will cost between $1 and $3. A-amounts you generate with Survey Junkie will depend on several different variables. The largest is the number of polls to which you are invited.

The client is unique, and they will all apply for numerous surveys. One of the survey Junkie’s most frequent concerns is that they do not provide adequate surveys.

It’s the widespread concern on survey pages; almost all of you have the same issue. If you’re fortunate, two to three surveys a week are available, but that’s not normal. 

You’re going to get more than certainly one survey a week. If you obtain a survey for $3 a week, you can bag a nice $12 a month. That might not sound much, but you’re only looking to pay.

Is Survey Junkie Legit Or A Scam?

Survey Junkie is a legit enterprise rather than a fraud. We have been in business for many years, and most people have decided to cash out their money many times via PayPal.

Currently, the company keeps a TrustScore 4.5/5 on Trustpilot, one of the top survey site scores.

Blue Media Projects, Inc. A B+ score with the Best Business Office (i.e. Survey Junkie owner) is issued.

Pros and Cons of Survey Junkie

Junkie Survey is one of the best paying survey sites on Earth. However, it is important to remember that surveys are usually not going to make you wealthy or substitute your daytime jobs. Any of the ups and downs for Survey Junkie include:


  • Clear and straightforward to register
  • Various surveys are available
  • Flat cash out outset of $10
  • Payment in fast cash via PayPal or Dwolla
  • Genuine place of survey
  • Secure site for users


  • You are not eligible for certain surveys
  • No smartphone application.
  • You won’t be rich

Is Survey Junkie Worth It?

If you’d like some cash in your spare time, e.g. playing a game, Netflix, etc., paid online surveys such as Survey Junkie are one route to do this.

Although surveys usually do not cost a lot, you will boost your revenue if you subscribe to any of them and stick to those you consider worth your attention.

Final thoughts on Survey Junkie 

Everyone is different and can get different impressions from the website, but Survey Junkie doesn’t appreciate the time and resources you spend on the website.

There are hundreds and millions of forms to earn money online and polls. If you’re trying to make money fast, Survey Junkie is just one of many avenues.

With your spare time in some other places, you can earn money online. It is safer to use Survey Junkie and other survey sites if you are using survey sites.