7 Brands Using LinkedIn to Grow their Business

LinkedIn, a social media platform having similarities with Facebook, is a marketplace for brands’ marketing. 

Its professional focus makes it a strong platform for career development and growing business. Although it is a social network, brands use it to grow their business using LinkedIn marketing strategies.

The big brands and even the new brands keep sharing their brand stories on LinkedIn with users like employees, customers, etc. And when it comes to finding which social platform works best, it’s all about knowing who your target audience is and how you can provide value to them.

Sharing posts and stories make the brand enhance connections, which work as a magnificent step towards the goal.

The essential purpose of this article is to encourage newbies and guide them accurately about the right marketing platform.

For this purpose, the marketing method of some brands is here in this article. Many brands are using LinkedIn to grow their business. Seven from them include the following:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Unilever
  • Accenture
  • Coca-Cola
  • Oracle
  • Deloitte


Google is a more than 20 million followers-containing prominent brand. Top-rank holder in following on LinkedIn of google is not only because it is a famous brand. 

But Google’s LinkedIn page keeps sharing posts, including recruitment posts, and many others. This makes it attractive to users and keeps them involved. 

Google gives importance to its employees and prioritizes them. Moreover, it shares its achievements, which provide its eye-catching reputation and cause its vast fan following.


Amazon’s brand is thriving and breaking all the records of success. That’s why it is on 2nd rank in fan following on LinkedIn. Amazon has almost doubled its success and business after marketing on LinkedIn. It also works like google on LinkedIn as it shares posts and stories containing its employees’ experience and triumphs. 

Good content strategy, along with a great consumer base, make amazon growing business and popularity. Information shared about new jobs, achievements, company events, and videos keep the followers engaged.


Unilever shares multiple things on LinkedIn to get the audience’s engagement for the sake of growing its business. 

It does marketing by discussing environmental issues in its posts and stories. And it shares information starting from product updates and business initiatives to social problems and much more. 

Moreover, company motives, company vision, company triumphs, etc., which it shares, make it successful with time. The level of Unilever’s success is it owns over four hundred brands.


Accenture’s video content in tons makes it unique. The LinkedIn page of Accenture is visually appealing because it does visual branding. The fan following and a lot of engagement are all due to its visual content. 

It started as a business brand in 1950. But now it is working as a global business service and consulting company. 

Most of its marketing is done through LinkedIn by sharing information about technology related to technology. And it also keeps sharing employee stories, innovations, consulting posts, and so on.


One of the most famous brands, Coca-Cola, contains a popular LinkedIn profile with a great fan following. 

Business and marketing strategies shared by it on LinkedIn make it highly engaged and active.

Coca-Cola uses LinkedIn both for marketing and helping newbies sharing techniques of success through posts and stories.

This brand also focuses on sharing about the latest inventions, employee participation, organizational changes, success, and financial health. 

The primary and clear motive beyond it is doing marketing. By specific content, it works for increasing the engagement of the audience.


Oracle’s LinkedIn profile is in the top 15 in fan following. This brand also uses videos in its posts and stories. It posts one video a day along with written content. 

Videos provide the brand best engagement from the audience. It posts not only for marketing but also for keeping the profile active by getting attention. 

For marketing, it posts innovations, but its ideas about posts really make it attractive.


Deloitte, an accounting organization, is one of the four largest professional services network. On LinkedIn, it has a 3rd position in the list of top professional services provider companies.

Deloitte shares links to its blog articles on LinkedIn. These articles are a complete pack of knowledge about artificial intelligence, facial reading, etc. 

Many people show interest in this kind of knowledge, which keeps Deloitte’s profile engaged and active.

Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

No matter where your audience is and how you are engaging with them, it’s important to provide them with the best content and user experience possible.

This is something all of the brands listed above are doing extremely well. To learn more about different ways to poll your audience, be sure to follow these top survey sites and see how they are using these same methods to grow their businesses and brands.